Monster Strike Hack Tool – FREE Orbs & Coins Cheats

Everyone loves playing games especially one that offers co-op gameplay with friends. If you are looking for a good co-op game, then Monster Strike would be a good choice. Monster Strike hack tool is here to make the game experience better and faster by helping players get free coins and orbs. It is a real time co-op RPG that you can enjoy with up to three friends obliterating all the enemies in your wake. Monster Strike has over 1,000 distinctive and powerful monsters that you can master and strike fear in the hearts of your enemies. It is not only a good strategy game but a nice brain exercise that needs a good eye and hand coordination technique.

Monster Strike is absolutely free to download and play but comes with in-app purchases that you can buy with real cash at the in-game store. Monster Strike cheats would be a good option if you do not want to waste real cash in this game. You just have to use the coin hacks and get free resources. Monster Strike has an in-game store where players can buy orbs. The top in-app purchases include 1 Orb for $0.99, 6 Orbs for $4.99, 12 Orbs for $8.99, 60 Orbs for $38.99, 30 Orbs for $20.99, 175 Orbs for $99.99, and 80 Orbs for $48.99.

Gameplay for Monster Strike is quite like any other RPG puzzle games wherein players collect monsters, battles waves of enemies, upgrade them, and earn resources while playing. Gold and orbs are the two major resources in this game and it can be acquired with each battle as well as in-game events. It would be nice to have an unlimited orbs hacks and free gold in this game. The only thing that sets Monster Strike apart from its game compatriots is that it is played like billiards or pool.

Players flick their monsters which in turn causes damage to anything in its path. If the active monster hits an ally while on attack, a special combo called Friend Combo is activated that adds more damage to enemies. All monsters on the field have their own passive skills that may launch attacks or counters in each turn made. Other monsters also have secondary abilities that when activated adds more damage but depends on the gauge capacity of each monster. When an attack is possible, counters are also in play. Each monster has its own unique counter skill that if activated launches a monster counter ability called a Strike Shot. The last stage of each battle is concluded with a boss monster fight with a moving critical hit point.

Playing Monster Strike in solo mode or co-op mode is no problem. Quests can also be done the same way depending on which preference a player chooses. However, quests are only available for a limited time and are hard enough to finish but offers great rewards. Awards in quests include experience increasing monsters, coins, orbs, and catalyst hacks that can be used in the ascension of monsters. Missions are also available which gives the same rewards when completed. Each monster has its own HP, Attack, and Speed stats but are all added together when in battle. If a monster has been fused with another monster in the same evolutionary line, the more increased its stats will be.

Monster Strike is available for download on the Google Play store and iTunes app store. It is compatible with iOS 7.0 or later devices like iPad Air, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch as well as Android OS devices. Monster Strike iOS hacks are compatible with all devices.

The Monster Strike coin & orb generator is safe and easy to use. It can give you all the game currencies that are useful in making your monsters powerful. Grinding the game to gain resources can be tedious so using Monster Strike game cheats is a good option you should consider when playing this game. Paying real cash can be good but you should ask yourself if you are willing to spend real money on a game. Don’t just bring it, win it and strike hard.